We are a small family business with a long tradition. We mainly grow cacti from South America. We offer Czech and foreign customers quality seed that comes exclusively from cultural sources. Within the EU, we have a certificate for issuing phytosanitary passports. We provide phytocertificates (for seeds and plants) to customers outside the EU. We organize professional and travel lectures.

,,Since autumn is already approaching and together with the low temperatures you need to take out warmer clothes, take a look at our t-shirt e-shop, where we have stocked a novelty in the form of a warm sweatshirt with a cactus pattern, under which you can also wear our cactus t-shirt ! We will be happy if you write us feedback on the products or take a picture of yourself in them and share the post with your friends.”

“If it is easier for you to create an order for seeds/plants via the e-shop, it is possible to order here.”

Where to find us ?

The collection greenhouse and outdoor plant cultures are in a small village near Brno, at the address Otnice, Školní 480, 683 54. We will be happy if you visit us, we just ask that you register your visit in advance. We conduct tours from spring to early fall, before the collection is winterized. The e-shop outlet is located in Slavkov near Brno at the address U Mlýna 1552, 684 01.

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